Lab Employees

Financial Planning for Lab Employees

We at Insight Wealth Strategies work very closely with lab employees in Livermore and are intimately familiar with the unique challenges lab employees face.

In fact, we have opened an office in Livermore about a mile from the lab for our clients' convenience. We primarily meet our lab clients in our Livermore and/or San Ramon offices.

Our clients include both current and former Livermore lab employees, who have met with us to discuss in-depth retirement planning, monthly pension vs. lump sum analysis, professional investment management, estate planning, and overall financial advice.

In particular, we assisted over 200 people at the lab in 2007 with understanding all of the benefits and drawbacks related to TCP1 and TCP2, allowing them to make the best decision for their particular situation.

As a result of our experience, we are very knowledgeable about the UCRP, UC's retirement accounts (403(b), 457, DCP, CAP), the options available with TCP2, plus other issues lab employees face. We have provided detailed plans to help our lab clients achieve their financial goals and/or strategic investment advice to help them make their money work more effectively for them.

Furthermore, we publish a free monthly newsletter that addresses the specific financial planning issues faced by lab employees. To view past issues of our monthly newsletter, please click here.

We typically charge a flat fee for doing a comprehensive financial plan, which varies based on the complexity of each person's situation and the value we can bring to their world. In some cases comprehensive plans are not necessary for our lab clients, and we assist them with our investment management services, which don't have any upfront cost; there's only a separate management fee that is typically around 1% of the assets.

We offer a 90-minute complimentary initial consultation to all lab employees in either our San Ramon or Livermore office to help them better understand their unique position and see what we can do to help them meet their goals.

To learn more about Insight Wealth Strategies, our financial planners and our financial planning services for lab employees and Livermore retirees, please call us at (800) 318-7848 or e-mail us at

Company retirement plans are subject to change. For specific plan information consult your human resource department.