Oil Company Employees

Financial Planning for Oil Company Executives, Managers and Employees

At Insight Wealth Strategies we work very closely with many Chevron executives, managers and employees in San Ramon, Point Richmond, Irvine, Bakersfield and Houston, TX, providing you with very detailed comprehensive plans to help you achieve your financial goals.

We utilize strategies such as NUA to reduce future income taxes on your retirement plan and deferred compensation plan assets, potentially resulting in significant tax reduction. In addition, we can determine your existing estate tax liability and design a plan to minimize your potential estate taxes, now as well as 30 years in the future.

We analyze your investments/holdings and develop an overall asset allocation model based on your risk tolerance, income needs, taxes, time horizon, concentrated stock positions, etc. We analyze your employee stock option grants with respect to factors like systematic exercising, tax implications, hold vs sell, cashless exercise vs cash purchase, hold vs. borrow to purchase, hold vs sell to cover and selling covered calls strategies.

We have the knowledge to educate you about the multiple moving parts in your ESIP, CIP, CRP, LTIP, RRP, DCP, LTIP II, DCP II, etc. as well as in your employee stock option plan.

As a third party, we have the unique ability to remain objective when determining the best course of action for your financial and retirement plans.

To learn more about what Insight Wealth Strategies can do for you or your colleagues in San Ramon, Point Richmond, Irvine, Bakersfield or Houston, TX, please call us at (800) 318-7848 or request more information below.

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Insight Wealth Strategies and Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. are not affiliated with Chevron.

Neither Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp nor its representatives provide legal or tax advice.

Company retirement plans are subject to change. For specific plan information consult your human resource department.