Tech Company Employees

We at Insight Wealth Strategies work very closely with a number of tech company managers, employees, and executives, providing them with very detailed comprehensive plans to help them achieve their financial goals. We work especially closely with people during times of transition, when it's more important than ever to have the proper planning for your financial future.

Our unique, sophisticated, proprietary financial planning process functions according to the following steps:

  1. Understand your unique financial situation and objectives

  2. Analyze when you can retire and develop the strategy to help you achieve your financial objectives while reducing the risk of running out of assets

  3. Help you understand how work transitions affect your benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, and company retirement plans

  4. Analyze your overall investments/holdings and develop an overall asset allocation model based on your risk tolerance, income needs, taxes, time horizon, concentrated stock positions, etc.

  5. Provide a comprehensive financial plan that covers your company retirement plans, retirement, investments, and estate plan and illustrates your various alternatives

  6. Determine your estate tax liability and design a plan to minimize your potential estate taxes, now as well as 30 years in the future

  7. Explore using unique, high-level strategies designed to drastically reduce your income taxes, thereby allowing you to get some of the taxes withheld from any windfalls back in your pocket

  8. Develop a strategy to potentially reduce future income taxes on retirement plan and deferred compensation plan assets

  9. Help you understand how vesting and cashing out of employee stock options may dramatically increase your tax liability and what options you have to combat this

  10. Act as a catalyst and coordinate with your other advisors to implement your plan most effectively

  11. Meet quarterly to discuss and evaluate changes in your situation and propose appropriate changes to your plan

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