The Planning Process

It's no secret that financial planning can be complicated. Organization is key to making the process as easy as possible. You can simplify the process by enlisting the help of a financial planner.

Assess your financial planning need. Our questionnaire can help you decide how comfortable you can be with your current financial situation and level of financial planning. Select a planner and define the scope of the services you want provided. Preparation - set the foundation for developing a financial plan via meetings with your financial planner.

Create and implement your plan.

  • Analyze your current financial situation, determine goals and define expectations.

  • Identify your needs – financial and otherwise. Set priorities so you will be able to develop financial goals that will meet your needs at the appropriate times in your life.

  • Let your financial planner draft a written plan to address your specific needs. Be sure you are comfortable with the plan. It's YOUR plan.

  • Implement the plan. Decide what you want to implement and when.

Periodically review your plan. Try to anticipate the need for change and review your plan often. Make adjustments when your goals are not being met by investment performance or life situations dictate that change is necessary.