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Hidden Cost of Health Insurance

Health care is once again front and center in the public consciousness as the debate in Washington D.C. rages on and costs continue to rise. These escalating health care costs can undermine the best-laid retirement plans. Luckily for Chevron

Impact of Segment Rates on CRP

Investment strategyYou may have heard some water cooler talk over the past couple of months about segment rates. Segment Rates are IRS averages of corporate bond rates that are calculated and posted monthly on the IRS website.1 The reason this has become an

Lessons Learned from the Market

Over the last few years and especially with the unprecedented volatility of the last few months, Chevron employees have been given quite the opportunity to gain some “experience.” It’s often said is that we should, “learn from our mistakes,” so here’s

5 Risks To Your Retirement Savings

Saving is just one component of a successful retirement plan for Chevron employees. To keep up to date, you should review your annual benefit statement from Chevron so you have an idea of the value of your retirement package. You must also

Dollar Cost Averaging

Wouldn’t it be great to know in advance how an investment would perform? You could purchase an investment at its lowest price just before a surge in value. Or, you could sell it just as it reaches its peak before dropping. If you knew the right time

How Personality Can Affect Performance

Your personality affects many things in your life — whether you’re shy or outgoing, which activities you enjoy doing, how well you get along with your fellow Chevron employees, and even your job function at Chevron. But personality can also affect

Think Twice About Your ESIP

Does your ESIP account include shares of Chevron stock that have grown a lot since you acquired them? If you answered “no”, you’re probably the only Chevron employee who can say that. For everyone else, you may be able to make use

Potential Tax Savings with NUA

Tax SavingMany employees at Chevron leave a large percentage of their ESIP in Chevron stock. And why wouldn’t they? Chevron has done consistently well for many years. If you own company stock in a workplace retirement plan like Chevron’s, you may

Budgeting the College Lifestyle

It’s that time of year, when college admissions letters start to flood the mail boxes for those soon to be high school graduates. But along with those letters come hidden fees (yes, tuition is costly, but we’re talking about the everyday costs),

Finding Your Perfect Place to Retire

Perfect Place to Retire ChevronMost Chevron employees over 50 are already thinking of retirement. But retirement doesn’t have to mean staying put. Majority of chevron retirees are seeking out new places to live – a few states away, across the country or even abroad.

Changes in Your Corporation

Major corporations are constantly changing – whether it’s expanding, acquiring Human mood psychology change as a human head tree with changing leaf color as a mental health metaphor for brain thinking disorder and neurology chemistry