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Financial Planning FAQs

Here are the answers to few questions our financial advisors are commonly asked:

What services do you offer?

We do comprehensive financial planning for our clients which includes retirement planning, investment planning, education funding, estate planning, business owner planning and tax reduction strategies. We are not real estate agents, mortgage brokers, accountants, attorneys, or stockbrokers; but if your situation warrants it, we can refer you to someone who is.

How are you compensated? How will I pay for your services?

We are a fee-based only registered investment advisor. Our fees are based on investments under management. We charge a flat fee for our holistic financial plans.

What financial institution(s) do you represent?

We shop the entire marketplace on behalf of our clients to find the best financial products for them. We have access to thousands of mutual funds and the leading fifty insurance carriers. This enables us to recommend products that provide the best value to our clients.

What is your experience? How many clients do you currently manage?

Our team employs financial advisors with varying degrees of experience (including some who have been in the business over 25 years) and a wealth of financial knowledge. Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have their own unique financial goals and needs.

How do I know you're making recommendations in my best interests?

We have an obligation to our clients to make objective recommendations in your best interests, not ours. We are held to ethical and compliance standards.

Do you make commissions?

Our focus is to help you with strategies that are right for you rather than make a commission by selling you products. Other firms have “advisors” who are really salespeople looking for a commission.

What kind of ongoing service do you provide?

We meet with our clients quarterly to evaluate changes in their situation and propose appropriate changes to their strategy.

How much risk should I be willing to take?

Risk depends on a variety of factors including your age, cash flow requirements, and retirement goals, among others. We are happy to examine your financial situation to determine how much risk tolerance is appropriate for you.

How long does the process of rolling over a 401(k) plan usually take?

Rolling over a 401 (k) is a quick and easy process. Making sure the assets you’ve rolled over is a life-long process we are happy to help with.

Do you provide a complimentary initial consultation?

There is no charge for the initial consultation meeting.

Why should I work with you?

We work to help meet our clients’ financial goals by delivering objective, strategic and prudent advice designed to preserve, grow and transfer our clients’ assets. We use our proven defined process to produce a customized financial plan which contains specific findings and recommendations regarding our clients’ current situation and implement the strategies outlined in the plan.

To learn more about what Insight Wealth Strategies can do for you or your colleagues in San Ramon, Point Richmond, Livermore, or Houston, TX, please call us at (800) 318-7848, email us at or fill out the request information form.