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Investment Risk – There’s No Escaping It!

Our current economic conditions may have some lab employees on edge, worried about how their money is doing during this critical time. Over the past decade, we have seen the market rapidly go up, then back down. Just as quickly, and it has hardly

Understanding the Lump Sum / Pension Quandary

Fewer and fewer companies are offering pension plans these days, which means fewer and fewer people are having to make the decision those of you who elected to freeze your UCRP (TCP2) are facing. The questions looming in front of you are: First,

Investing in a Down Market

With the dust from the lab’s transition still settling, it’s important to make sure down market your savings and investments (outside of your pension) are properly positioned for retirement. But with the market going through a period of decline

The Retirement Risk You Didn’t Realize

After years of hard work at the lab, you’re probably looking forward to a Retirement Risk-Inflation comfortable retirement. After all, it’s nice to know those evenings you devoted to LLNL will pay off with relaxing vacations and more time for golf, or any

Asset Allocation – A Guide to Balancing Risk and Return

Asset allocation, how an investor distributes his investments among various Strategic asset allocationclasses of investment vehicles (e.g., stocks and bonds), is a long-term strategy that uses a variety of asset classes in one portfolio to manage risk

Navigating the Top 5 Retirement Risks

Retirement LifeLonger lives and better health translate into longer retirements and new concepts of what retirement should be. Many of today’s retirees view retirement as a time to shift gears but not necessarily to slow down. They keep their skills sharp by

Budgeting to Retire

The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is never truer than when it comes to budgeting for retirement. For lab employees, starting early is the best strategy. But typically, unless you are looking to retire in the next few years,

Fine-Tuning Your Entire Portfolio

Diversified InvestmentsWhen it comes to investing, are you a micromanager? Or a hands-off type? Micromanagers obsess over their portfolios. They switch in and out of investments with every tic and tremor on Wall Street or in the economy. Hands-off types are the opposite.

How to Make the Most of Your IRA

With so much media attention spotlighting retirement planning these days, you’d think the United States is a nation of hardcore investors, well-versed in the intricacies of all sorts of financial products. But the truth is most Americans know