Preparing for a Market Downturn

With market indexes consistently flirting with all-time highs in recent months, many investors are starting to wonder if and when a downturn in the markets will hit and what to do when prices begin to fall.

Why Create an Estate Plan?

create estate planHow can one reduce strain on family relations when it comes down to who keeps sentimental family heirlooms, investments, cars, homes, and other valued assets? Having worked hard your whole life to accumulate assets and wealth, now how

Steps of Retirement Planning

retirement planning stepsThere is no express highway or fast lane to take you directly to retirement. Preparing for any long-term journey requires a road map so you can plan the most expeditious and dependable route to reach your goal. Retirement planning is no different.

Year End Tax List

Year End TaxAnother year is coming to an end and looming in the foreground is the yearly battle with the taxman. Some steps can be taken to help take out the bite this year and others can be taken to reduce your tax impact in the future. We have put together

Borrowing Against an Insurance Policy

A benefit of purchasing permanent life insurance is the ability to take out a loan against the policy in the event of a financial emergency. Whole life and universal life insurance are types of permanent life insurance plans that accumulate cash value

Life Insurance Decisions Made Easy

Life Insurance PlanMaking choices for your life insurance coverage can be uncomfortable. It makes us realize that life is finite, and this can be scary.However, choosing the best life insurance policy allows you to plan for taking care of your loved ones and to have

Budgeting and Self-Funding Retirement

self funding retirementAs we begin the New Year, people often reflect on the past year and what could have been done better. Then we look to the beginning of the year with optimism and thoughts about what we would like to accomplish.Unfortunately, most Americans

How To Turn Your Retirement Savings into Retirement Income

Are you ready to transition from your working years into retirement but don’t know how? After receiving a paycheck for so many years, many clients don’t know how to plan for retirement. Now that the time has arrived, what are some of the best

IRS Rule on 401(k) After-Tax Dollars

You may want to pay close attention to the tax-friendly rules regarding after-tax money in your 401(k) plan or similar plan. You stand to benefit if you have made after-tax contributions, other than Roth contributions, to your retirement plan at work.