Growth Equity Strategies

Portfolio Objectives

Our portfolio objectives seek to identify the fastest growing companies in their respective spaces.

All-Cap Growth: Identify the fastest growing companies in all market capitalizations.

Concentrated Equity: Identify the fastest growing companies in all market capitalizations.

Large-Cap Dividend Equity Growth: Identify the fastest growing dividend paying companies in the large-cap space.

Large-Cap Growth: Identify the fastest growing companies in the large-cap space.

Small-Cap Growth: Identify the fastest growing companies in the small-cap space.

Small/Mid-Cap Growth: Identify the fastest growing companies in the small/mid-cap space.

Exchange-Traded Fund Portfolio Strategies

Portfolio Objectives

Our portfolio objectives seek to identify growing ETFs in their respective spaces.

Insight’s ETF Strategies seek to blend investments in the growth, value & international sectors to obtain broad market exposure for a more diversified portfolio. We combine these equity investments with fixed income securities to protect assets in the event of a down market.

Growth Equity Strategies Philosophy

Stocks that have historically outperformed may continue to generate excess returns into the future.

We use a proprietary quantitative ranking system and fundamental analysis to produce portfolios that are efficient in terms of risk-adjusted return. By consistently applying this strategy, we believe we may be able to generate out-performance over time.

  • We conduct a quantitative analysis to define the investment universe. This includes a highly efficient analysis of all actively traded stocks.
  • We rank all stocks traded on U.S. exchanges based on risk-adjusted return.
  • The top decile of the quantitative screen becomes the investible universe. We then analyze stocks based on fundamentals to determine what goes into the portfolio.

Investment Management Team

The Insight Wealth Strategies’ Investment Team focuses on growth equity portfolios and custom strategies. The team adheres to a strict investment philosophy and uses empirical data to potentially generate excess returns over time.

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