Why Financial Wellness?

Insight Wealth Strategies offers a comprehensive approach to an employee’s financial situation that goes well beyond retirement planning. It delves into all aspects of an employee’s financial life including budgeting, short– and long–term goal funding, retirement planning, and all the pieces that make up an individual’s and their family’s financial situation. This comprehensive approach will help your employees understand their financial health so they can make educated financial decisions and understand the mechanics of a successful financial plan.

Historically, employers have been content to offer employee financial benefits including savings plans, stock options, and potentially pensions without helping employees better understand their overall financial situations. Today, more and more companies see the importance of promoting their employees’ financial wellbeing and the benefits a financial wellness program brings to the company.

A 2013 study by the American Psychological Association indicated 71% of adults list their most common source of stress as money1, and according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there is evidence that suggests a financially capable workforce is more satisfied, engaged, and productive for their employers.

Insight Wealth Strategies will work hand-in-hand with your company to develop and deliver the most effective plan for your company and employees.