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At Insight Wealth Strategies, we have worked very closely with lab employees for the past 14 years and are intimately familiar with the unique challenges lab employees face.

Being a lab employee, you might have following questions:

  • I still have UC accounts. Are there better strategies than keeping my money there?
  • I chose TCP2, should I take the annuity or lump sum?
  • Should I be double dipping? What are the pros and cons of double dipping?
  • How should I structure my┬áinvestment portfolio when it comes to balancing assets in LLNS 401(k), my UC retirement plans, and any other investment accounts?
  • Should I consolidate my UC retirement assets?
  • Am I right on the path for retirement?
  • I have a CAP account, what should I do with it?

Get answers to these questions by speaking with one of our Financial Advisors.

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Why Choose Insight?

  • We specialize in working with lab employees and retirees. Currently we have hundreds of lab employees as clients.
  • Back in 2007, we helped over 200 lab employees understand the differences between TCP1 and TCP2 and then helped them figure out what best fit their situation.
  • We also assisted lab employees in 2013 in regards to VSP.
  • We help our lab clients figure out what to do about their UCRP money.
  • We help them understand their options for their UC retirement assets.
  • We give our clients a better understanding of their overall financial picture.
  • We offer:
    Comprehensive Financial Planning
    In-depth Retirement Planning
    Pension vs Lump sum Analysis
    Professional Investment Management
    Estate Planning
    Life Insurance

Furthermore, we publish a free monthly newsletter that addresses the specific financial planning issues faced by lab employees. To view past issues of our monthly newsletter, please click here.

To learn more about Insight Wealth Strategies, our financial planners and our financial planning services for lab employees and retirees, please call us at (800) 318-7848, email us at or fill out the request information form.

*Insight Wealth Strategies is not affiliated with LLNL.